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Aspire Group Classes

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At Aspire Music Academy, we wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of one-to-one education. While our primary focus has always been on individualized instruction, we recognize certain scenarios where group lessons can be beneficial. Sometimes a group lesson can be a more cost effective way for students to decide whether to study a certain instrument or craft more seriously. Other times, having done the foundational work, students are ready to become a part of a team of musicians. Whether you're aiming to grasp the fundamentals before transitioning to private lessons or seeking the camaraderie of fellow musicians, or artists. we are pleased to introduce the following classes:

Guitar Fast Track:

Ages 8 to 14 🎸 : Dive into the world of guitar playing with our accelerated program! Perfect for absolute beginners, this class focuses on mastering foundational skills such as chords, strumming patterns, and basic techniques. Experience the joy of learning in a supportive group environment, and connect with fellow students. Led by our expert instructor, this fast-track course guarantees a fun, engaging, and successful introduction to the Guitar. Join us and kickstart your musical adventure today! 🚀🎶 FRIDAYS at 10:20- 11:10 AM $99 per month

Guitar Readiness:

🎸 Ages 5 to 8: Ignite a lifelong love for strumming the strings. This specially crafted class is designed for aspiring guitarists aged 5 to 8! In this engaging and age-appropriate program, children will lay the foundation for future guitar lessons by developing essential skills in a lively, nurturing, and interactive setting. Our experienced instructors will guide young learners as they explore rhythm, chords, and introductory techniques.. Through creative activities and a tailored method, this class ensures that budding musicians not only gain confidence but also develop the fundamental skills needed for a successful and enjoyable journey into musicianship. 🌟🎶

FRIDAYS at 11:15 AM - 12:00 Limited Spots $89 per month Call for supply list. 936-588-7377

Rhythm and Percussion Readiness

🥁 Ages 6-9: Immerse your young musicians in a dynamic exploration of rhythm with this specially tailored class! Designed as an intro to rhythm, this engaging program is crafted for children aged 6 to 9 and will provide a foundation for rhythm that will translate will to any other instrument. Through interactive activities, drum circles, and hands-on exercises, participants will develop a strong rhythmic foundation, enhancing their musical comprehension no matter where they want to go next. Our skilled instructors create a vibrant and encouraging atmosphere, ensuring that every child not only enjoys the rhythmic journey but also lays the groundwork for a seamless transition to private lessons whether they choose drums or another instruement.

🌟🥁 Fridays at 1PM to 1:50. $89 per month Limited Spots / Call for supply list. 936-588-7377

Kids Keys FastTrack

🎹 Ages 7-10: Unlock the world of melodies and chords with our exciting Kids Keyboard/Piano Chord Fast Track class, tailored for aspiring musicians aged 7 to 10! In this engaging class, budding pianists will embark on a rapid journey to master essential chords,basic progressions, and keyboard techniques. This engaging class blends playfulness with structured learning, ensuring that every student not only grasps fundamental concepts but also develops a strong foundation and proper technique along the way. Led by experienced instructors, this fast-track class promises a delightful and accelerated approach to chords and keys, fostering a love for music in our students. Join us for an enriching musical adventure, where students lay a foundation to become confident pianists! 🌈🎶

Fridays 2PM to 2:50 $99 per month Limited Spots available. Call for supply list 936-588-7377

Intro to Orchestra

🎻 Ages 7 to 10 This class is offered to beginners for Violin, Viola, and Cello students in conjunction with private lessons. Elevate your musical journey by joining this beginner string ensemble. Students will experience the joy of collaborating to make music together, refine their technique, and apply their private lesson skills in a group setting. This class provides performace opportunities, and a deeper appreciation for the art of string performance. Enroll now to harmonize your private lessons with this introduction to ensembles and orchestra! 🎶🎻 *with interest, we may also offer this class during daytime hours for homeschool students.

Mondays at 6pm to 6:40 $69 per month* Limited Spots

String Chamber Ensemble

🎻 Ages 9 to 18 🎻 This exclusive class is tailored for those with a minimum of one year of private instruction in Violin, Viola, or Cello, and is designed to complement ongoing private lessons. Elevate your musical journey by immersing yourself in the enriching experience of our chamber ensemble. Collaborate with fellow musicians, refine your technique, and seamlessly apply your private lesson skills in a supportive group setting. This class not only offers performance opportunities but also cultivates a deeper appreciation for the art of string performance. Don't miss out on this unique musical adventure!

Mondays from 6:45 pm to7:30 pm $69* per month.* 🎶🎻

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